ABOUT Who we are

i2tm Labs started as Donelson Entertainment back in 1995. The owner and Senior developer, Andrew Donelson, has been programming computers since 1985 when he started with a top of the line Commodore 64. Primarily focusing on ANSI C or C++ and the MS-DOS / Windows Platforms he has developed everything from an Operating system, PCDesk a Windows 3.1 competitor to Games such as Epic Online, a short lived Sci-Fi strategy MMOG. In 1992 he was hired by Net-Connect, Ltd to create software to handle & track customers connecting via modems to the new Internet Service Provider for billing purposes and was also tasked to create the ISP's official website in HTML 1.

Since then he has contacted with companies such as Go Daddy, i4Vegas, Hotels.com and many more to create new or upgrade content. In mid-2012 he moved completely to Web Development using the upcoming release of HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript. He started the Elysian Framework which was initially going to be solely for web gaming but it has developed into much more and is getting close to public release but is already being used in i2tm Labs products and services.